Different Types of Dentists

What Are The Different Types Of Dentists?

Although many of us think a dentist is just a dentist and nothing more, there are two main types of oral health care professionals: general dentists and specialists.

There are many dentists in Ohio who are either general or specialise in a specific field of dentistry.

General dentists are the ones we visit every six months or whenever we have a problem. They take care of our routine examinations, they perform teeth fillings, root canals, crowns, dentures and bridges. They can also pull teeth and perform cosmetic dentistry. When our oral health problem exceeds their area of expertise, general dentists send us to specialists.

Orthodontists are dentists that specialize in the treatment of teeth misalignment. They recommend and apply braces and other orthodontic treatments to their patients.

Endodontists are specialists in root canal operations. They take care of very complicated root canal operations beyond the area of competence of general dentists.

Periodontists are specialists in gum disease. They treat gum problems that may lead to bone loss and to losing the teeth. They can also perform implants that require bone addition or other similar treatments.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are dentists that followed a specialization in surgery. They perform various oral surgeries such as wisdom teeth extractions, facial reconstructions and placement of dental implants. They also take care of trauma victims with injuries in the facial area.

General dentists can treat children as well as adult patients. However, there are dentists who specialize in the treatment of children and adolescents. They are known as pediatric dentists and they have good skills and techniques of making children be comfortable with their routine visits and examinations. This is very important, as children may refuse going to see a dentist if their first experience was a negative one.

Types of Dentists by dentiststpete

There are also forensic dentists, but they don’t treat any patients. Their role is to identify the bodies based on their teeth structures, when other means of identification can’t be used. For instance, the victims of a fire might be completely burnt, thus being impossible to identify based on their facial traits or other distinctive marks. Teeth don’t burn, so dental prints can serve as basis for identifying these victims.

Another category of dentists that don’t treat patients are the public health dentists. They rather deal with developing community programs for the prevention of certain conditions. They also conduct research in order to determine the most effective ways of providing dental care to communities they belong to. Their work is also very important, as it contributes to the decrease of various oral health issues among the general population.

Most patients are sent to specialists by their general dentists. This is why it is very important to schedule regular visits with your family dentist. All problems will be caught and diagnosed in time, so that they can be sorted out with relatively simple treatments. Different types of dentists have different training courses, training that takes them several years to complete. This is why they are better qualified for their specialities and that’s also why their price is a bit higher than the price of general dentists.

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Understanding Dentistry

Understanding the different fields of dentistry is vital and you must research accordingly. Provided you want to get the right information, you need to make the effort which can be challenging but definitely worth it in the end because the results will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

different types of dentists

Below are a handful of instructions to help you make the right choices:

— Making a decision based on findings

Making a decision based on findings is a no-brainer. You likely already understand that dentistry has several fields and so making a decision is important to your oral health and well being. For example, dentists in Cuyahoga County accommodate every type of dentist and cater for every type of treatment.

— Spending the time to understand

Understanding dentistry is a mental process equally as it could be a material one. Mentally, you need to be precise in the kind of treatment you’re looking for and investing in a bit of time and energy to inform yourself of what the right treatment is for your needs.

— Getting proper information

Getting proper information helps you understand why choosing the right field of dentistry is so important. Start by getting proper information from trusted sources and then narrowing it down to your needs.

Defining dentistry and its many facets can be a huge task but once you have a framework, it can make things much easier and more smooth in finding the perfect type of treatment for your oral condition.

Before understanding dentistry, it makes sense to analyze all the data you find and grouping it so that you have info on each section of dentistry and the dental profession. Once you have that, you can then compare that against someone already able to get the right treatment by checking reviews and more information online.

Do you want to find the most qualified dentist

Do you want to save time and money?

Do you want to achieve optimum oral health?

These are certainly the sort of questions that anybody who wants to choose the right type of dentist may want to answer yes to. By answering these questions positively, it shows that you’ve mapped out a framework for isolating and selecting the right type of treatment from the most suitable dentist.

Before getting into what is normally recommended to be successful, we must zero in on several preparations that someone should consider before beginning. Consequentially, understanding dentistry is a journey and you should prepare for a quest before committing to that first step.

Researching dentistry takes a little bit more than getting up one afternoon and saying, “yes, I am going to understand dentistry today.” Sure that would be a good first step. However to pursue any success with gaining knowledge about dentistry, you should first prepare mentally.
Understanding Dentistry – A Look Back

If you have had thoughts about the different dentistry fields, you should expect that it is very broad and embodies several speciality fields.

Understanding dentistry is not just a diversion, or like understanding different types of dentist. To be equipped, you have to be precise, economical, as well as health conscious. Then you are certainly able to define dentistry.

You may want to take this time to check whether you possess the ambition it takes. Do you possess a precise personality? It is a vital part of the equation that every adult who wants to understand dentistry needs, or else defining dentistry can be insanely tough, if not nearly impossible.

You have already also considered whether you were economical after you were asked: Do you want to save time and money? Pat yourself on the back for making it this far, because this means you evidently have not given up. There is a huge difference between doing one thing and desiring to do something. This will come up quite a bit in defining dentistry.

You asked these questions and looked deep within yourself to see whether you have what it takes to inform yourself of the different fields in dentistry. Many people are blissfully unaware of the different dental professions and specialities, to them, a dentist is a dentist, but I’d like to state categorically that no two dentists are ever the same and you need to make sure you have the knowledge to make an informed decision to see you through your oral issues and guarantee a favourable outcome after treatment.

Do you want to find the most qualified dentist.

Do you want to save time and money?

Do you want to achieve optimum oral health?

These questions all relate to making the right choices when selecting a dental practitioner or professional to carry out treatment on yourself if your answer was yes.

Of course dental procedures can sometimes be a necessity but if you choose the right type of dentist, you stand a better chance of getting the right treatment and experience a much better result.

You’ll find that getting the right information will serve you very well and once you’ve made your choice and realise it’s the right one, you’re more likely to stay with that practitioner for a long time to come.

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Advanced Dentistry

I’ve outlined in this article the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures so you can compare and research them further.

First Place: Bridges, Dental Partials. Custom made false tooth or teeth that will be placed permanently between two healthy teeth is called “dental bridge”. This procedure is for patients that have a missing tooth or teeth.

Second Place: Brite Smile. Helps patients that have stained, yellowed or discolored teeth. The average cost for this procedure is $500. 00. Average length of this procedure is one hour.

Third Place: Composite Resin Bonding. This cosmetic dentistry procedures is for patients that have stained or decayed teeth, it’s average cost is $350. It’s average length is 45 minutes to one hour.

Fourth Place: Crowns & Bridges. Ideally for patients that have large cavity, tooth that requires or has had root canal therapy, or tooth that has fractured. Average price $900. 00. Length of this cosmetic dentistry procedure is a little long.

Fifth Place: Dental Crowns. This is for patients that have fractured tooth or large cavity, have an average cost of $925. 00 and it’s length is one to one and a half hours.

These are the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. I advise you to always research and investigate each and every cosmetic dentistry procedure you might want for yourself. You can do this on the internet from the comfort of your home. Just search for some good cosmetic dentistry sites and you will be ok. Also, be sure to ask your dentist about any additional fees. Costs will vary from place to place.

All cosmetic dentists these days tend to offer advanced care. Because of this, you should expect a very comfortable and pain free cosmetic dentistry procedure that will produce you attractive and enduring results.

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Dentist Implants Cost

There are many factors this have an impact on complete cost with oral implant therapy. The first issue that is affecting the associated fee is the style or perhaps model of dentist implant. There are many different makes with dentist implants available plus just about each of them is titanium produced. There are brand ones that can be highly-priced plus non-branded kinds which are not too high priced. The being successful pace of named plus non-branded implants is not going to offer you more or less unique outcome. Its just simply nearly a desire of the dentist plastic surgeon about what he or she might want when it comes to all the choosing associated with tooth implants, be it the firm that’s providing this sections or even the user friendliness of your dentist making use of the implants which might be using the original feel. Another variable of which affects the cost of a oral implant method is usually numerous implants. If the practice involves elaborate cuboid augmentation surgery treatment, such types of experditions usually are performed by way of the specialized dental consultants. The complication within the course of action also is affecting the cost of a implant surgical procedure. For example: If the jaw set cuboid is thin, then surgical procedures are required to add to the level of a cuboid bone so that it will cater to this implant. Highly specialised surgical procedures including sinus graft plus neurological repositioning ECT are usually conducted by way of the medical specialist doctors.

Bone grafting types of procedures call for using of artificial or maybe all natural materials which is familiar with include missing chin bone fragments the spot that the implants have to be put. They are charged range prudent and likewise cost extra. Quite a few situations complex types of procedures for instance bone tissue collection has to be finished through subjects personally own figure to your requirement of bone fragments regarding augmentation. The following difficult procedure is also completed by way of the pros and also price tag much higher compared with regular procedure. The cost of whatever manufactured crown measured to the implant as well has an effect on the cost of this operation. Generally, procera caps are more costly as compared with porcelain fused or maybe metal caps. The type of abutment made use of during the course of action also is affecting the price a surgical procedure. In a straight line conventional abutments fee less than angulated, esthetic or zirconium abutments. Quite possibly the type of anesthetic procedure, that is, overall or area likewise determines the cost of a surgery treatment. Native anesthesia procedures will be less expensive in comparison with general anesthesia. Typical anesthesia techniques are completed around nursing homes when the affected individuals have to be mentioned as well as an expert anesthetist undergoes all the anesthetic operation.

Almost any minor surgery treatment completed after the keeping the particular implants as a corrective course of action may value much more and additionally makes incorporated costs. All the above mentioned issues establish the price the dental implant technique. Despite the fact that there might be other issues far too, however , these models usually are the most common ones. Alternative makeup dentistry types of procedures could expense variedly depending on the complication within the operation as well as cost of the oral surgeon. A person might take examination out of 2 to 3 dental offices so as to get a notion in relation to the buying price of any dental implants and sophistication involved. Someone can go searching on the internet so that it will know about the cost of a oral treatments.

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Dentist Office

Tooth whitening has become very popular among the general population. People are so pleased with the results from their dentist that they want to hold on to it for as long as possible. Many patients will go to over the counter treatments in an attempt to maintain that bright white smile. You may be surprised to learn you don’t have to spend large amounts of money or even go to the store to maintain your smile. Natural treatments are readily available. This article offers a few of the most popular treatments.

Lemon Juice To The Rescue

While you may not use lemon juice for the original tooth whitening process, it’s a great way to maintain what your dentist has already done for you. Just use lemon juice to brush your teeth or use it as mouthwash. Lemon juice is high in acid though, so don’t use too frequently as it will eventually wear away the enamel and it can be an irritant. Many people find the best results are to mix it with water or a small amount of baking soda.

Baking Soda

A popular way to maintain tooth whitening is to substitute your regular toothpaste with a paste made of baking soda and water. In a small dish mix the two together to get a smooth paste, dip your toothbrush into the mixture and gently buff away any surface stains you may see. You want to be careful though as this paste can be abrasive so you don’t want to use it very often. Make sure you rinse your mouth completely after brushing and be sure not to swallow the paste.

Chewing Gum

Gum is an effortless way to help maintain your smile. As long as it’s sugar-free, it works by rubbing against your teeth acting like a small buffing pad. This is especially true if you chew gum directly after eating or drinking something. There are some brands that have additional ingredients to improve on the buffing advantages that gum offers.

Make Smart Choices

Of course the best thing you can do to extend the life of a dentist office tooth whitening procedure is to avoid certain foods known to cause stains. These include coffee, red wine and blueberries. If you drink your beverage through a straw, this will help to limit the exposure directly to your teeth.

Foods that are rich in antioxidants can be of great value. Antioxidants attack bacteria in your mouth from other foods that attack the enamel of your teeth, leaving them discolored. Foods high in antioxidants are green tea, dark chocolate, and cranberries among others.

Crunchy vegetables can work in your favor as well. As you chew these crunchy vegetables they act like a gentle abrasive that remove surface stains. Strawberries can also help. Mash the strawberries into a fine paste and apply it to your teeth. Let it sit for a short time before you brush it away. The acidic properties found naturally in the fruit will bleach away the stains.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, homemaker in Florida or a professional in Miami, tooth whitening techniques are ideal for maintaining the results of an in office treatment. Although these home treatments will never replace those from your dentist, it’s smart inexpensive way to help keep your smile white and bright for a long as possible.

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Dentist Lincoln Ne

CHICAGO, IL – Premier dentist in Lakeview and Lincoln Park, Dr. Jeffrey Feffer, announces the addition of an online patient education library for his practice’s efficient website. The new online patient education library was created to better inform and provide valuable knowledge of dental care for patients.

Patients can visit the convenient website for this Lakeview dentist, at lakeviewdds[dot]com, to learn more about various dental care treatments and procedures. By visiting the practice’s website, patients can access the patient education web-page from the home page. From toothache remedies and treatment details, patients can easily access a wide array of information regarding dental care.

“It is important as a dentist and member of this community to allow my patients to have the most vital information in regards to dental care, ready for their every need. Patients have valuable access to essential information regarding their dental health with a simple click of their mouse,” stated Dr. Jeffrey Feffer, Lincoln Park dentist.

Additionally, the practice’s website offers new patients the opportunity to download and print new patient forms to prepare for their initial appointment. By printing and filling out the forms prior to their first visit, new patients are able to gain valuable time with Dr. Feffer because they will have to spend less time on paperwork.

Dr. Jeffrey Feffer has been practicing as a dentist in Lincoln Park for 29 years. His practice philosophy is focused on providing thoughtfulness and compassion to each of his patients while providing the most effective treatment options. Dr. Feffer and a highly qualified team of dental professionals offer dental care in all aspects of dentistry including veneers, teeth whitening, implants and bruxism treatment. Highly trained in esthetic and prosthetic dentistry, this Lincoln Park and Lakeview dentist is committed to providing patients with realistic restorations for all types of dental reconstruction needs.

When patients need oral health care from a dentist in Lincoln Park and Lakeview, they turn to Dr. Jeffrey Feffer and his professional dental team for quality care they can trust. The new website for this 60614 dentist further demonstrates Dr. Feffer’s commitment to providing the highest level of dental care through patient education and advanced communication technology.

About Jeffrey P. Feffer DDS, MPH: Dr. Jeffrey Feffer is a leading and experienced dentist in Lakeview, serving patients in the Lincoln Park and Lakeview neighborhoods of Chicago for 29 years. Bringing years of experience to the dental field and a passion for helping each patient achieve their best smile, this Lakeview and Lincoln Park dentist is qualified to handle any dental need for patients of every age. Dr. Feffer offers dental care in all phases of dentistry and has taken multiple courses in esthetic and prosthetic dentistry, among others. Additionally, Dr. Feffer is a longstanding member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Dental Association, the Illinois State Dental Society and the Chicago Dental Society. He is a longstanding dental expert and consultant to the legal profession in matters of alleged dental malpractice. This experience allows him to know and practice at and above the standard of care in dentistry.

Media Contact:
Dr. Jeffrey P. Feffer
561 W Diversey Pkwy, Suite 203
Chicago, IL 60614
P (773) 348-3668
F (773) 348-3671


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Low Cost Dental Care

Dental care involves taking good care of your teeth, gums and the related structures of the mouth. Dental care includes prevention and treatment of diseases of the gum and teeth, and also the replacement or repair of defective teeth. In many cases people may suffer from dental diseases due to sheer laziness and lack of knowledge towards proper dental care, with mostly the children and at times adults who often do not pay enough attention to teeth care. They fail to realize that healthy teeth and gum is extremely important to keeping you healthy and sound. Proper dental health is not only important to our healthy physical looks; it is essential to the well being of the entire body.

Maintaining good dental health can at times prove to be expensive. Therefore it is important that you go for a good dental insurance that covers the costs of your dental treatment be it a routine check up or an emergency. Purchasing dental insurance from a good dental insurance company relieves you of the hassles and worries of the otherwise expensive cost of keeping your oral cavity healthy. With dental insurance you can choose a specific dental plan that is right for you. However, before choosing a dental plan from any dental insurance company you must pay attention to the following points:

* You should ask the dental insurance company for its actual office address and not just its P. O. Box address. This step should give you peace of mind in knowing that you are purchasing dental insurance from a real dental insurance company. Ask for its office phone number so that you can contact the office any time to learn more about its dental plans.

* Ask the dental insurance company if it covers specific procedures performed by your dentist. If you are searching for a dental plan that covers teeth fillings and teeth cleanings, that dental plan should not cost you much. On the other hand, if you would like to have x-rays and fluoride paid by your dental plan, then this type of dental plan most likely should cost a bit more.

* Ask the dental insurance company about your personal dentist’s role in its dental plan. If your dentist is not on its list, then it is rather useless selecting such type of dental plan. Since your dentist is the one most familiar with your dental health, it is better to ask your dentist which dental insurance companies’ dental plans he participates in.

* You can do a thorough research on dental insurance companies online. Dental health is a new and fast growing industry and is getting very competitive. You can find a wide selection of dental plans ranging from $15. 00 per month to $100 per month.

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