Dentist For Toddlers

Parents often believe that they don’t need to take their children to the dentist if they are too young and don’t have a full set of teeth. Pediatric and general dentistry professionals say this is not true and urge patients to bring their children in long before the first tooth appears. While they might not have any pressing dental problems, prevention at this age determines the direction of their future oral health.

Dentistry Prior To The Emergence Of The First Tooth
Cleaning the gums before the first teeth emerge helps remove the deposits of sugars and fats on their delicate oral tissue. Instead of a brush, dentist and oral care professionals recommend adding toothpaste to a soft washcloth. To avoid the harshness of adult toothpaste, you can purchase child-friendly flavors and specially designed toothpaste specifically for infants.

First Visits To The Dentist
Along with the arrival of a child’s first birthday, parents should book a first dental visit. The dental expert will assess the development of the child’s teeth and discuss the various habits the child may or may not have. These habits will greatly determine the quality of their dental structure as he or she gets older.

Allowing children to fall asleep with a bottle can have serious and long-lasting effects on their teeth and gums. The natural sugars and fats found in milk, formula, and juice sit in their mouths causing ‘baby bottle tooth decay.’ Most affected are the front two teeth, which ultimately determine how well the child will speak as well as the shape of his or her jaw and face.

Benefits Of Early Dental Visits
The earlier the oral care professional spots trouble, the more successful treatments and prevention techniques will be. Catching tooth decay and bad oral habits are just two issues caught before the child enters preschool. Issues concerning the structure of the jaw and the temporomandibular joint can also be identified. Caught early enough and simple changes can reduce the severity of these conditions as well as reduce the treatment time.

Getting a child into the dentist at an early age can improve the relationship the child builds with dentistry professionals. If they go early enough and continue to go on a regular basis, children are less likely to develop a fear of the dental chair and have better oral hygiene because they already understand the importance of looking after their teeth. The reduction in the need for treatment further encourages good oral care.

Parents often fail to take their children to the dentist because of the cost and time associated with it. However, when you consider the cost of many dentistry treatments, parents can actually save money and time well into the future. Give your child the best chances for a healthy smile and make visits as pleasant as possible, and your child will thank you for it for years to come.

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