Different Types of Dentists

What Are The Different Types Of Dentists?

Although many of us think a dentist is just a dentist and nothing more, there are two main types of oral health care professionals: general dentists and specialists.

There are many dentists in Ohio who are either general or specialise in a specific field of dentistry.

General dentists are the ones we visit every six months or whenever we have a problem. They take care of our routine examinations, they perform teeth fillings, root canals, crowns, dentures and bridges. They can also pull teeth and perform cosmetic dentistry. When our oral health problem exceeds their area of expertise, general dentists send us to specialists.

Orthodontists are dentists that specialize in the treatment of teeth misalignment. They recommend and apply braces and other orthodontic treatments to their patients.

Endodontists are specialists in root canal operations. They take care of very complicated root canal operations beyond the area of competence of general dentists.

Periodontists are specialists in gum disease. They treat gum problems that may lead to bone loss and to losing the teeth. They can also perform implants that require bone addition or other similar treatments.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are dentists that followed a specialization in surgery. They perform various oral surgeries such as wisdom teeth extractions, facial reconstructions and placement of dental implants. They also take care of trauma victims with injuries in the facial area.

General dentists can treat children as well as adult patients. However, there are dentists who specialize in the treatment of children and adolescents. They are known as pediatric dentists and they have good skills and techniques of making children be comfortable with their routine visits and examinations. This is very important, as children may refuse going to see a dentist if their first experience was a negative one.

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There are also forensic dentists, but they don’t treat any patients. Their role is to identify the bodies based on their teeth structures, when other means of identification can’t be used. For instance, the victims of a fire might be completely burnt, thus being impossible to identify based on their facial traits or other distinctive marks. Teeth don’t burn, so dental prints can serve as basis for identifying these victims.

Another category of dentists that don’t treat patients are the public health dentists. They rather deal with developing community programs for the prevention of certain conditions. They also conduct research in order to determine the most effective ways of providing dental care to communities they belong to. Their work is also very important, as it contributes to the decrease of various oral health issues among the general population.

Most patients are sent to specialists by their general dentists. This is why it is very important to schedule regular visits with your family dentist. All problems will be caught and diagnosed in time, so that they can be sorted out with relatively simple treatments. Different types of dentists have different training courses, training that takes them several years to complete. This is why they are better qualified for their specialities and that’s also why their price is a bit higher than the price of general dentists.

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