Tips for Maintaining Great Oral Health

No matter what your age, it is vital that you take good care of your oral health. Though many people think about how diet and exercise influence overall health, few consider the impact poor oral care can have. However, if you have excessive bacteria, gum disease and other troubles, these can and will cause your general health to suffer. Fortunately, you can keep your mouth in great shape if you are willing to make it a daily priority.

oral health care

You need to be sure that you brush your teeth twice each day. Use a soft toothbrush so that you do not irritate your gums. Many people do not realize that the bristles on medium and hard toothbrushes are too rough on sensitive gum tissues. Whether you have teeth and gums that are in good condition or plagued with disease and troubles, you should stick with a soft bristled brush.

When you brush your teeth at the conclusion of your day, make certain that you floss between each set. Also, use the floss on the sides of your back teeth where there is not another tooth. This will help to prevent you from getting food stuck in those nooks and crannies.

Use a good mouthwash each day in order to give you fresh breath and a clean mouth. While many people think that a mouthwash with alcohol is a great way to do this, that is simply not the case. Alcohol can dry your mouth out, which can create even more problems, including bad breath.

On top of your daily oral care routine, make sure that you visit your Los Angeles dentist at least once each year for a cleaning and full examination. Have any problems corrected immediately and you will find that you have a healthy mouth for years to come.


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