Soy sauce is made from soybeans and can be used in many different dishes. The consistency of soy is dependent on the method used to make it. It can be quite salty but it will also vary. It is popular in Japan, where it is served with many dishes including sushi.

Soy sauce has traditionally been a slow-to-make condiment. It is because of this that it has been prized so much for so many years. Modern technology has made the process much easier.

There are many varieties of soy sauce, and they can be found in different regions. We’ll be looking at the most popular soy sauces around the world.

Dark Soy Sauce

Dark soy sauce is easily found at most supermarkets. Dark soy sauce is sweeter and richer than lighter soy.

The sauce is aged for a longer period of time and often sweeteners like caramel or molasses, are added. To achieve a balanced taste in Asian cuisine, dark and light soy are often combined.

Light Soy Sauce

Light soy sauce, which is popular in Chinese cuisine, can be found around the world. In western countries, it’s known as regular soy. Most people keep this at home.

Light soy sauce tends to be lighter than the other types. However, it contains a lot of sodium and is therefore quite salty. For those who love soy but can’t eat a lot of salt, low-sodium versions are available.

Thick Sauce

Soy sauce is also called soy paste, soy jam or thick soy sauce. It is sweeter and usually thicker than dark sauce. You can thicken soy sauce by adding more sugar or wheat. Starch can also be used as a thickener. It is not necessary use large amounts of starch to give fried dishes a richer flavor.

It is harder to find this soy sauce in the stores.


Miso is the name of a Japanese soup or sauce. Tamari, a by-product of miso, is used frequently by the Japanese due to its strong taste.

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