Cooking is an essential aspect of human life because it provides food. Food preserves human life, so almost everyone can find their way around the kitchen. And for those who can’t find their way around the kitchen, business-minded people have gone into the cooking food business. This is the reason you have many online food outlets.

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Note, not everyone can be a boss of the kitchen. Whilst cooking is fun, not everyone enjoys the art of cooking.

So, in this article, we will be arming you with basic cooking skills to make you the boss you want to be in your kitchen.

Here are 5 basic skills a cooking beginner should know below.

1.  Kitchen Hygiene

A school of thought believes that cleanliness is next to godliness. Proper hygiene in itself is important, but kitchen hygiene is more important because this is the place where the food that goes into your body is prepared from. Ensuring proper hygiene will also ensure that there are no germs in your food going into your body.

2.  Knife Skills

Every cook must know how to use the knife. Whether you are a professional cook or just a regular cook, knife skills are one of the basic skills you need in the kitchen. This doesn’t apply to just knowing how to chop. How you hold the knife you are using to chop, or the item you are chopping in the kitchen is extremely important because you have to avoid cutting yourself.

3.  Measurement Skill

This is one skill that will come in handy for a cooking beginner. The measurement skill is the secret to proper cooking. This skill helps you ensure that your seasoning and spices are in the right proportion. Having too much or inadequate seasoning or spices in the food would surely affect the quality and taste of the food.

4.  Staying Safe in the Kitchen

This is the most important skill to learn if you are going to take cooking seriously. While cooking may look and sound simple, it is quite a complex task. You need to master the art of moving around in the kitchen without getting hurt.

5.  Doneness Skill

Trying your food to find out if it is done may not be a bad idea, however, this isn’t possible for all kinds of food. So, having a proper doneness skill keeps you safe because it helps your food come out just right, instead of being overcooked or undercooked.

For those who aren’t used to this yet, there is a doneness test that makes it easier to know if your food has been properly cooked or not.


Learning to cook isn’t a bad idea. Try to familiarize yourself with some of these skills as they will help give your cooking journey a smooth ride.