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A Glass of Sweet Tea in the Morning and a Glass of Sweet Tea at Daylight

When I wake up from sleep for me as a writer seemed incomplete if not drink hot sweet tea because tea is a drink that I often drink when small so sweet tea is my friend when waking up in the morning. which causes me to drink hot tea in the morning according to me after sleep at night to feel cold and wake up in the morning to feel cold too so it’s time to drink hot sweet tea in the morning to neutralize the body to normal.

As we know the tradition of drinking tea itself has lasted for thousands of years ago. The legend of tea’s famous origin is the story of Emperor Shen Nun, China, in 2737 BC. At that time, the emperor was traveling on the outskirts of the empire. While at rest, the range of cooking water for drinking as usual. Unintentionally, there are some leaves that fly in the wind into the water that is attacked. Water was changed color due to the entry of the foliage. Out of curiosity, the emperor also tasted it and found the taste and aroma quite good. The leaves of Camelia flower eventually became a favorite new beverage dish in China even though it was limited to the nobility and elite.

Entering the afternoon the best time for me is to drink a glass of sweet iced tea and I like the sweet iced tea because in the hot weather situation in the afternoon I think drinking a glass of sweet iced tea is a time that can because as refreshing thirst and throat thirst in the stomach. drinking a glass of sweet iced tea during the day I often do it because in addition to making sweet iced tea easy and friend who wearing while eating with rice and side dishes. often drinking sweet iced tea during the day is more than two glasses and that is what I do to freshen up.

But there was a sense of fear also in me when I read the article that ice tea contains a high concentration of oxalate, one of the key chemicals that trigger the formation of kidney. Ice tea is delicious to drink when the atmosphere is very hot. But behind the enjoyment of it, ice tea saves potential for harm to health.

Consuming excessive iced tea may increase the risk of kidney stones For those who have a tendency for kidney stones, ice tea is definitely the worst drink.

Hot tea actually also store the same bad effects, but only the dose is less, not comparable if you drink iced tea that when thirsty will drink more even glasses.

Men, women with low estrogen levels, and women who had undergone surgical removal of the ovaries most vulnerable affected by this ice tea.

Therefore, replace the drink with water, or mix it with lemon. Because lemons are rich in Citrates that can inhibit the growth of kidney stones.

Instead, consume ice tea wisely for the health of the kidney. Combine with high calcium foods that can reduce oxalate, and of course multiply drinking water. By reading the above article makes me afraid to frequencies drinking sweet iced tea but when