There are several differences between solventless concentrates. For example, rosin is much purer than the other solventless concentrates. Rosin is a solventless concentrate Los Angeles extracted using a fine filter and a combination of pressure and heat. The starting material is pressed between two heated plates and covered in parchment paper. Other solventless concentrates contain more unwanted organic plant matter, which is why they have a higher impurity content.


A shatter is a form of cannabis extract that is highly transparent and brittle. It is relatively dry compared to other solventless concentrates. Because of its brittleness, shatter is sold as a shard or sheet. It tends to be fairly potent. Its texture varies, but it is generally dark amber. It has a sugary texture and can be highly terpene-rich.

It is a good option for people who want a full spectrum high but do not want the high that comes with smoking. Shatter is also good for those who want a cheaper full-spectrum option. Shatter is made with hydrocarbons, mostly butane, which makes it relatively dry compared to other solventless concentrates. This concentrate is also less expensive and has a lower THC content than other hydrocarbon extracts.


Rosin is a recent method of extracting cannabis oils using a process known as solventless extraction. This method uses heat and pressure to extract the valuable resins from cannabis flowers and hash. It is easy to make at home and can be consumed immediately, but it is important to screen the raw material thoroughly to remove contaminants that stick to the resin. This method is especially useful for preserving terpenes, essential for creating a flavorful concentrate.

The extraction process is not the same for each product. While solvent-based rosins are considered more potent and pure, solvent-free rosin has fewer impurities. These products should be purchased only from reputable companies. A reputable manufacturer will guarantee the product’s purity and ensure no impurities in the final product. It should be refrigerated before use to prevent auto-budding.

Water Hash

Ice water concentrate is extracted by agitating the flower’s trichome heads with ice and water. Trichome heads are the ‘crystals’ you see on both growing and finished flowers; these contain the plant’s entire cannabinoid and terpene makeup. By extracting only the trichome heads, you capture the true essence of the unique cultivar. This final product is known as ‘full-spectrum’: a terpene- and cannabinoid-rich product free of any residual solvent that could detract from the overall experience.

It should be noted that ice water concentrates have physical characteristics that are as distinct as their flower counterparts. They can range in color from light to dark. On the other hand, a premium concentrate is typically light brown in color with a sand-like texture that is pliable and moldable when heated.