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Advantages Of Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows, unlike conventional ones, open in two ways; they can be tilted slightly to allow for ventilation or open fully. Although this window design has been around for hundreds of years, it was only until recently that it started growing in popularity in the market. The window offers several benefits that other designs might struggle with, a reason more and more people are making the switch. Only after having an idea of how/what the design looks like can one comprehend its full potential.

A tilt turn window is essentially 3 types of windows rolled into one, i.e., a hopper window, in-swing window, and a fixed window. Turning the window handle in a downward position locks the window, transforming it into a fixed window. Turning the window by 90 degrees allows it to swing inward, with a 180-degree turn allowing it to tilt open. Outlined below are some of the benefits and reasons to switch to tilt-turn windows.

1. Improved Ventilation

The window can tilt-open at an angle to provide an escape route for hot air. This feature comes in handy on hot summer days when you want to allow a fresh cool breeze in. Tilting the window open to allow fresh air in doesn’t, however, compromise your security. The tilt feature allows one to control various aspects of the window and how much air gets or leaves the house. This means you can effectively control your environment, reducing the load on your HVAC system. If you are looking for window fitting jobs then see here.

2. They Are Easy to Clean

You won’t need ladders or any special equipment to clean your windows. Tilting and turning the windows enables you to access every inch of the window, even when indoors. You can thus effectively clean your windows on the top floor just as you would in the basement. A simple turn of the handle is all it takes to access and clean every inch of the window.

3. Provide Better Air-Seals

Although tilt and turn windows may have more movable parts than the regular double-hung, single-hung, or sliding windows, they provide superior air and water seal. Glo Tilt Turn windows, for example, have between 2 and 4 seals per window, which again improves their performance significantly. Your home will thus be less vulnerable to air drafts from window seams.

4. It is More Secure

Tilt-turn windows have multiple locking points and even more robust internal hardware. The in-swing hinges make it virtually impossible for anyone to yank the windows open from the outside. This feature also makes it possible to leave the window slightly open/tilted to allow fresh air while preventing intruders from gaining access.

5. Improved Aesthetics

Tilt-turn windows come in 4 different styles and designs with unlimited colour, handle, glazing and frame options. You can also choose between wood-aluminium or aluminium frames, depending on your preferences and budget. Handles, hinges, and colours can be designed in your preferred style or powder-coated to produce the desired aesthetic appeal. You can also have obscure glazing installed to improve privacy while allowing more natural light in. Your options are unlimited especially when looking for aesthetically appealing windows for your property.

6. Have A Hidden Sash – Minimalistic

If a minimalistic but fully functional window is what you prefer, then the hidden sash style tilt-turn windows are what you need. The window mimics a fixed window when closed with a hidden sash, which could help deter anyone with malicious intent.

7. Hidden Hinges

Tilt-turn windows are famous for their hidden hinges. This gives them a more modern aesthetic (usually from fixed windows) yet highly functional. The hidden hinges can also be termed as a security feature as well.