Buying New Windows – The 4 Things You Should Consider

1. The Material Of Windows

The best place to start is the material of the window frame. You will need something that offers longevity while at the same time offering the best insulation properties. Nature offers the best solution in timber (it is strong and organic). According to today’s wood treatment technology, wood is now the better option compared to manufactured uPVC. In fact, research shows that wood offers a longer lifespan compared to uPVC by nearly double. Let us not forget the fact that timber looks stunning, and its standards exceed by far the regulatory building standards in Britain.

Some years back, hardwood was the go-to option as a window material, since it was considered the best and most durable material. However, due to advancements in technology, this is no longer the case.

Engineered timber is a material that bonds well with window frames. It offers far superior performance compared to timber and it is more environmentally friendly. The thing that makes it superior is the engineering process of the timber. The manufacturing process involves layering together sections of wood, which are then bonded, compressed, and laminated together. If you have ever dreamed of having double glazing with built in blinds then see here.

2. Timber Windows Fenestration

The beauty of both the exterior and interior can dramatically be affected by the positioning of the window. When it comes to planning, aside from deciding the way the window will look (or the whole house), one has to determine how it will affect the light entering into the house and if the lighting is appropriate for a specific room.

The moment the window arrangement is agreed upon, the design must follow. For maximum impact, all windows must have uniformity in terms of size, style, and features. This is particularly important for older buildings that need replacement (Georgian and Sash windows). Even small details can ruin the aesthetic of the restoration of historical buildings’ exterior.

This is why we offer specialized products that feature slender and slightly deeper glazing bars. This helps achieve the appearance of traditional single glazing despite being a double-glazed unit. This will bring all the benefits associated with double-glazed windows.

3. High-Performance Glazing

A good window design must have quality glazing. There are many ways or factors that will help define this. It has become common knowledge that double or triple glazed windows offer property owners the benefit of reducing energy bills significantly.

For this reason, if your goal is thermal efficiency, you should then look out for Low-E (low emissivity) glasses. That is because they will help decrease heat transference by reflecting interior heat. In other words, it does not allow heat to penetrate through. Another popular option is solar glass. This helps keep the heat out during the summer months and reduces UV light into the property/house.

There are windows that are made using laminated glass. These are beneficial in reducing noise, which makes it a popular option in urban areas. Moreover, they improve security performance. Another option is toughened glass which is stronger than regular glass. It is safe for people and pets when broken as it shatters into cubes (opposite to regular glass that has sharp edges).

4. Sustainable Timber Windows

It is wise to consider product sustainability when purchasing new windows. This ensures a reduction of wastage and decreases carbon footprint. This makes it an excellent addition to a property if you wish to increase its value. Accoya is an excellent example of a material that offers sustainability. It offers gripping environmental advantages over non-renewable carbon-intensive materials (steel, concrete, and plastics), sparse or slow-growing hardwoods.