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Cooking With Fall Fruits And Vegetables

Fall is a great season. The air is turning cooler and the holidays are just around the corner. So many great fruits and vegetables are available in the fall and they are so versatile. Here are some ideas about cooking with fall fruits and vegetables.

Squash is one of the vegetables that is available in the fall. There are so many different varieties and so many different ways to use them in recipes. Two of the most popular are butternut squash and acorn squash. These are favorites with kids because they have a sweeter flavor. Moms love them because they are packed with fiber and vitamins.

Butternut squash is great in soup. It lends a bit of sweet to a savory dish. Another hit with the kids is to bake butternut squash with butter and brown sugar. It is so easy and delicious!

Acorn squash can also be used in soups, but a great way to serve it is stuffed with sausage, apples, and nuts. You simply halve the acorn squash and bake it until tender. Scoop out the squash and mix it with the sausage, apples, nuts, and any spices you like. Then fill the shells with the mixture, top with bread crumbs and butter, bake for another 10 minutes and dinner is served! What a simple and delicious weeknight dinner!

One of the most sought after fall fruit is the apple. There are so many different varieties and each has its own virtues. You can add apples to many savory dishes. They go particularly well with pork and chicken. Baked apples are a yummy fall treat that everyone will love. Simply core an apple, fill it with brown sugar, butter, and nuts, and bake until tender. It’s a perfect dessert!

Nuts can be added to just about anything. They compliment apple and squash dishes particularly well. A great thing to do with almonds and walnuts is to coat them with butter and sugar and bake them. It makes a tasty treat that is good for you too! Nuts also go great in fall breads like pumpkin bread or zucchini bread.

What do you do with all that pumpkin that you scraped out of your jack ‘o lantern? Well, the possibilities are endless. You can make pumpkin soup, which is quite tasty. Other options include pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and even pumpkin butter. And don’t throw away those seeds. Toast them in the oven with a little butter, salt, and pepper and you have a handy, delicious snack.

Fall produce is so wonderful. You can prepare it so many different ways, so experiment and have fun with it. One great thing is that it is relatively inexpensive, so if you don’t like what you have created it won’t cost you a fortune. Try a new recipe with your fall vegetables. Who knows? Maybe you will create a new family favorite that you can look forward to year after year.