Food for Road Trips

Taking a road trip is a classic American experience, but they are a dangerous situation for people trying to eat a healthy diet. Gas stations and 24-hour fast food places offer a quick and reliable snack or meal, but they are often packed with calories that passengers in a car will never get the opportunity to burn off. So the next time you are on a road trip and you’re looking for places to eat in Andover MA, reach into a cooler and don’t pull into that drive-thru lane.

Hard-boiled Eggs

Often touted as one of the most nutrient-dense and filling foods, whole eggs are an amazing snack. They are also a way to pump some extra protein into any meal and hard-boiling them beforehand turns them into a cooler-ready food that will last throughout your road trip.


The beauty of the sandwich is everyone can make theirs just the way they like it. Making a pile of sandwiches as a group before a trip can be a fun activity for families or groups of friends as well. Plastic bags will keep these fresh for a long drive but consider using a container to make sure the sandwiches don’t accidentally get crushed under a bottle of water in the cooler.

Vegetables and Dip

While not too easy to eat while driving, veggies and dip is a perfect snack for a short rest stop break. Simply cut up some carrots, broccoli, peppers, or really anything you enjoy and pair it with store-bought or homemade dip. This is another low-calorie, high nutrient snack that packs well into a cooler for a road trip.

No time for any prep work before you leave for your trip? Some apples and a bag of mixed nuts is a “grab and go” solution that provides a lot of flavor and nutrition with no work on your part. It doesn’t even need to be kept cold.