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Take the case of bread, which is consumed by 93{cedf1a57f51309d0adb0983cd40c9870b4f2b88bdd611c828cac4679aaaa0f8e} of the of the United States population on a daily basis.  Healthy-Finds took the responsibility of skimming the market for the best bread brand for you – and that is no other than Jenny Lee Swirl Bread.

Jenny Lee Swirl Bread is rich in history and experience and this is one of the reasons why many customers love the brand.

In 1875, Michael A. Becker immigrated to the United States from Germany.  He changed his name to “Baker” to be more American.  “You are your name” has never been truer in the case of the Bakers as Michael eventually became a baker as his lifelong trade with Michael A. Baker as the first company name.

When his sons joined the business, the company name was changed to Michael Baker & Sons.  And when Michael retired, the company name was changed to The Seven Baker Brothers Bakery.

In 1938, Paul Baker and Bernard McDonald (both grandsons of Michael) founded Jenny Lee Bakery.  The name was derived from a popular song in the 1930s with the title “Sweet Jenny Lee.”  The company peaked in the 1970s with 14 locations before settling into a 25,000-square-foot facility in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania.

But in 2006, the facility caught fire (on Thanksgiving Day, of all days) and the company was not able to cope especially with the economic crisis that ensued afterwards that it had to shut down in 2008.

It reopened in 2009 and today, Jenny Lee Breads are being sold at nearly 5,000 retail locations in 20 Northeast states and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  Its roots remain in McKees Rocks though and remains an icon in this part of Pennsylvania.

The company is very strong in values especially integrity which reflects in their choice of ingredients as well as the quality of their products.  The company actually won the Food Quality & Safety Award in 2017.  The company uses only sustainable ingredients, cage-free eggs, and all of their swirl breads are verified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project.  (If you are vegan, you can go for their Italian Olive Focaccia Savory Bread.)

Do you believe that it really pays to “start them young”?

Well, this is certainly true in the case of the company’s president, Scott Baker, who practically grew up in the family business.  At 7, he would sticker bags and make bows. At 13, he mopped floors and cleaned pans.  By 16, he became a part-time employee.

Scott graduated from the American Institute of Baking in 1992 and from the University of Pittsburgh in 1994, the same year when his father Bernie became the sole proprietor of Jenny Lee Baker, having bought out the shares of his two brothers:  Jim and Rich.  Scott joined the company as retail sales manager after his graduation from the university.

Their facility might have caught fire but Scott’s burning desire to continue the family baking tradition was stronger such that even when the company shut down in 2008, he resurrected the company a year later under the name 5 Generation Bakers. (Although in reality, the family baking tradition has run for more than 5 generations.  Their recipes are actually 143 years old as of this writing.)

With focused product development, new packaging, and digital marketing, the company has grown exponentially since then.

Scott says his biggest inspiration is his dad Bernie who is more than 70 years old but still comes to work 5 days a week as Director of Bakery Operations.  His dad taught him to do things the right way the first time.  He shares, “If you want to be successful, take the time and effort to do it right the first time.”

The company is all about resilience and corporate social responsibility.  That and their commitment in giving back to the community makes them definitely worth endorsing.

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