How Often Should Your Blinds Be Replaced

Blinds regulate light while still enriching the existing theme and style of spaces. As such, your blinds should always be in good working condition to make sure they serve their purpose. That said, how often should your blinds be replaced?

If you ask sellers like us, we would love it if you replaced your blinds every year. This is because we depend on sales to make a living. However, one year is too short, and it makes no financial sense to any homeowner.

While you can replace blinds as often as you’d like, you can stay with yours for as long as possible. This is as long as they are working perfectly. Here are the factors that determine how often people should replace their blinds:

Top 3 Factors Determining How Often Blinds Should Be Replaced

1. The Quality of Blinds

Blinds of poor quality will need to be replaced more regularly compared to blinds of higher quality. When you talk about quality, even the fabric they’re built of is very crucial. Secondly, you have to consider how complicated they are in terms of working elements. See here for ‘bay window shutters Hampshire‘ at the end to make it look more natural.

For example, blinds with several moving parts are likely to get damaged faster. On the other hand, blinds that are easy to close and open are less likely to malfunction. Consequently, such blinds can serve you for years before needing a replacement.

When it comes to customized made-to-measure blinds, individuals tend to replace their blinds after seven or eight years. Usually, such replacements happen during a renovation or a house makeover. However, most ready-made blinds are of lower quality. As such, this means that they need regular replacements.

2. Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning blinds can extend the number of years they serve you. This is because cleaning the blinds reduces the amount of dust and dirt that can accumulate and make them look unattractive. Additionally, regular cleaning of a blind eliminates dust build-up and ensures that the components do not harden and clog.

Typically, there is no need to replace dirty blinds that are still functioning accurately. However, some people still prefer to change them rather than clean them. This is especially for blinds that are hard to clean.

3. Functional and Safety Features of the Blinds

There are many safety and functional issues that may necessitate the replacement of blinds. Any brand of blinds can develop a few functional or safety issues after installation. This means that you will need to either address the problem or replace the blind entirely.

For instance, if your blinds do not have child safety features, they need to be replaced immediately. In the United Kingdom, all new blinds supplied by above-board merchants must comply with the necessary child safety requirements.

Shutters and blinds from an authorized dealer serving the UK market should come with all child safety features. This is as long as the blinds are installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you bought your blinds from shady suppliers especially before 2014, you should have them changed.

This is because the law on children’s safety features of blinds was edited in 2014. Fortunately, your current blinds could still be modified to make them childproof. Professionals will simply secure the blind cables and shorten the cords to make them hard to reach for kids.

Unfortunately, not all outdated and unsafe blinds can be modified to be safe for kids. In such a case, the owner is left with no choice but to change the blinds.

Wind Up

Hopefully, you now understand how often you should replace your blinds. It all comes down to the kind of blinds you have, their features, quality, and aesthetic value. Most importantly, safety is paramount and all unsafe blinds should be replaced immediately.