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How to Prepare Toaster Strudels

When we think of breakfast food, we often have in mind hotdogs, eggs, bread and butter, and cereals. We have that limited array of options. By that we can come to a conclusion that in order for a certain type of food to belong to the breakfast food list, it has to pass some criteria. The food should be simple in all ways. It should be prepared in a fast manner. Cooking eat should be easy as counting 123. Eating is should be simple and would not require a lot of time to finish. The cooking equipments used in preparing it should be easy to clean. Lastly and most importantly, because it is the first meal of the day, it should be healthy. We all know that breakfast is our foundation for the day. As they say, we should eat breakfast like a queen. This defines our level of activities and this will set us off for the day. Your breakfast should energize you especially if you go to school or work.

Toaster strudel is one of the most popular toaster pastries that people usually but for breakfast. Toaster strudel is a frozen pastry. Its story is quite fascinating. A young businessman’s father was eating a cherry-filled pop tart when he thought that a pastry filled with fruit and topped with icing would be an irresistible treat. It was perhaps the American version of a Cuban pastelito. The young businessman then contacted Pillsbury and thus, toaster strudels came out in the market in 1985.

As mentioned a while ago, breakfast should be prepared easily. Preparing toaster strudels are surely easy! After opening the box, you will see the packaging of the strudels and the icing packet. Take out the number of strudels that you desire. You can use a toaster or a toaster oven with this. Place the strudel vertically when using a toaster and horizontally when using a toaster oven. After that, set the timer of the toaster oven or press down the toaster lever. Wait until the toaster bell rings then you can say “Something better just popped up!” That’s a famous line concerning toaster strudels. Place your strudels in a clean plate, take out the icing packet and apply it to the strudel. There you go, a perfectly cooked healthy breakfast!

Toaster strudels are available in many flavors. You can choose from apple, strawberry, raspberry, cinnamon roll, cream cheese and raspberry, apple cream Danish, Danish style cream cheese and a lot more!

This surely passed the criteria for being a perfect breakfast food! Cooking it will require just a few minutes. You only use a toaster or toaster oven. Eating it will surely be fast because of its crunchiness and its fun flavors! With toaster strudels you can even get your child to eat! Your breakfast is prepared instantly and you will not be bored with all the exciting flavors available. This also fits your budget! Toaster strudel is the perfect breakfast food. With Toaster strudels, you surely start the day right!