Now, before comparing bespoke furniture and off-the-shelf furniture, it is important to define these two types of furniture. Before we get into the main article you may be interested in seeing ‘little greene rubine ashes‘.

Off-The-Shelf Furniture

This type of furniture is commercially made in large numbers for consumers. They are typically purchased without any type of customisation from furniture stores and retailers.

Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke furniture on the other hand is usually commissioned by a person and is designed and customised to that person’s needs and desires. These are made one at a time and are created with the buyer in mind.

Exactly why should you buy bespoke furniture as opposed to an off-the-shelf option from any furniture store on high street? It doesn’t matter if you’re a normal individual or a design professional, once you’re buying furniture for your home, there are many reasons to buy a bespoke piece.

Experience & Ease

Once you’ve ordered a bespoke or custom piece of furniture, you’ll need to wait until it is made. However, many furniture makers can take a surprisingly short space of time to do so. This may be due to the fact that they already have the raw materials ready and were simply waiting for a commission. Furniture makers can quickly produce custom furniture and in some cases, even faster than retailers on high street. These retailers can often take as long as 12 weeks since they have to import furniture from other countries. When you purchase furniture from a local company like the British furniture maker, this reduces the delivery time and it is even easier to organize. Even though high street retailers may seem to be convenient and fast, many experienced bespoke furniture creators easily outdo them with their experience and ability to design exactly what you want and quickly make it.

When you are working with a furniture maker, the typical process will be as follows.

  • Design brief along with budget and lead times are discussed
  • Design and estimate are presented
  • 3D model and estimate are shown
  • Payment of a deposit
  • The furniture is manufactured
  • Furniture is delivered and installed

In every stage listed above, you’ll be fully consulted. Additionally, you’ll gain access to the experience of the bespoke furniture maker so that you get the best quality furniture possible.

Better Product

Furniture that is custom made is customized to your particular desires and is well constructed to last. This is quite unlike the furniture you’d buy off-the-shelf which would be built to be obsolete by a certain time.

The furniture maker that creates your piece would not use the simplest method, however, they will create a piece of furniture that will last significantly longer and maintain its value. Even though bespoke furniture may be more costly, this is balanced by the fact that it will last longer in comparison to off-the-shelf alternatives. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy a custom made piece that was made just for you and your home. Custom made furniture isn’t as costly as you may believe. There are many furniture makers that don’t have a storefront which allows them to keep the cost of their product down.

Custom Dimensions

Since bespoke furniture is made to your desires, it can also be sized according to your measurements and styled the way you want.

You will have so many options, it may feel like too many! However, the furniture maker will be able to best advise you on the best size, shape, material, style, finishes etc according to your style and personality.