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Learning to taste wine is no different than learning to truly appreciate music or art. As a matter of fact, the pleasure you receive is commensurate with the effort you put in. The more you refine your sensory abilities, the better you will be able to understand and appreciate the nuances and details that great wines express. To start, we recommend the following 10 wines.

Château Chasse-Spleen

It is often advisable to start with the most classic styles in order to refine your taste step by step. The best starting point is a reference from Bordeaux! Château Chasse-Spleen is a mature vintage, a synthesis of everything expected of a Bordeaux wine. Its secondary aromas will have started to develop, culminating in superb complexity. Different vintages of Château Chasse-Spleen are available on the site

Fritz Haag Riesling

It is hard to find other Rieslings of this level. Fritz Haag interweaves in such a feeling of harmony the greedy generosity of the fruit, the intensity and a superb mineral tension. Plus, you can have it for a small price!

Moulin-à-Vent Roche Grès

The Château de Bellevue is one of ten estates owned by Jean Loron, one of the most ambitious and respected winemakers in Beaujolais. This red wine has a dark garnet color with deep ruby. It exhales fruity scents like strawberry and raspberry.

Jean-Baptiste Adam Letzenberg Le Riesling

This wine highlights the simple varietal approach of Riesling in Alsace. The cuvée is produced by the Adam family, owner and merchant in Ammerschwihr. They make refined wines which are sold at reasonable prices.

Château Margaux Wines

Margaux produces wines that express finesse and silkiness. They are readily described as feminine, unlike the firmer cuvées from the north of France such as Pauillac and Saint-Estèphe. Margaux wines are perfect for beginners.

Besides these 5 wines, we also recommend these 5 others if you are new to wine tasting and appreciation:

  • Château Vessière Rouge;
  • Cuvée Pierre&Fille;
  • Les Charmantes Guilbaud Frères;
  • Pinot Noir Les Prémices Famille Hauller ;
  • Paraphé Cinsault Domaine de Montbuisson.

These are the best for amateurs looking for light fruity red wine. These are gourmet red wines where the aromas of strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant intertwine with cranberries! Do not hesitate to consult a guide for beginners to help you in your learning. For instance, wines made from Gamay like Beaujolais tend to be tasted faster. They immediately develop pleasant, supple fruity notes and can be drunk within 2 years.