Some people idolize bacon, especially those made from turkey as part of their favorite diet. Many types of meat can be made into bacon for the best flavor and texture. Enjoy it, turkey bacon is a favorite for this.

To buy turkey bacon is very easy because it can be purchased online. You just have to wait at home, and let them deliver it to you. Most people also process turkey bacon with the grilling technique. The grill used is not just a grill placed on coals. You can try using the oven, microwave, or waffle pan to process the bacon.

So what’s the difference between these three techniques? Quoted from Real Simple, there is one best cooking technique that you can try to process turkey bacon.

1. Using The Oven

If you choose to use an oven, you can preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Then line the tray with aluminum foil and place a scalloped rack on top. Place the turkey bacon right on the serrated rack. When the oven is hot enough, place the tray in it and bake for 20 minutes.

This method will take a little longer but is worth it as it melts the fat from the turkey bacon and you don’t need to be scalded from the heat or melted fat. While the bacon strips still look good and crunchy.

2. Using The Microwave

To microwave turkey bacon you must place two layers of paper towels on a microwave-safe plate. Place turkey bacon on the parchment and heat for 4-6 minutes.

As a result, turkey bacon will look not so pretty. The melted fat was still in one place with the strips of meat which made it look so soggy. Not the crunchy texture you get when tasting this turkey bacon. It’s meat that melts in your mouth. This cooking technique is fairly fast. Suitable for those of you who are late for work but need breakfast

3. Using A Waffle Pan

You can start cooking turkey bacon in a waffle pan by heating the waffle pan to medium heat. Since the pan is not too big, you can divide it in half and place it on the pan for about 10 minutes.

Cooking turkey bacon in a waffle pan will make it look boxy under the pressure of the other half of the pan. This part of the box will have a crunchy texture. The rest will have a hard, chewy texture with fat that doesn’t melt completely.