These chocolate cocktails taste like dessert

Cocktails have never been so popular, and new recipes are emerging all the time. The latest craze is to include chocolate in these irresistible and sumptuous drinks.

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Everything from sweet martinis to tipsy milkshakes can benefit from an injection of chocolate magic. Injecting chocolate flavour can be achieved by adding chocolate liqueur or any other cocoa-based ingredients to your favourite drinks.

This gives you a combination of a dessert and a drink, and there is nothing better in life than that!

Essential cocktail ingredients

According to the taste experts at the BBC’s Good Food Magazine, the staple ingredients of a cocktail start with a spirit base. This can be vodka, gin, rum or whiskey.

Most cocktails need an element of fizz. This can be a sparkling wine, or it can be a soft drink from a draught soft drink supplier such as

Of course, every cocktail needs to have a theme, and the most luxurious of them all is chocolate.

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Some sumptuous chocolate cocktails

Here are some delicious ideas for luxurious chocolate cocktails.

The classic has got to be the chocolate martini, where simplicity is the key. The base is your chosen brand of vodka, to which you add a generous helping of chocolate liqueur. To give it a creamy consistency that will feel like you’re drinking liquid silk, add some Godiva or opt for the cleaner taste of crème de cacao. Garnish the glass with chocolate flakes and a twisted orange peel, and you have an irresistible drink. Substitute in a white chocolate liqueur for something a bit more unique.

Chocolate and orange are a match made in heaven. A chocolate and orange martini has everything that you could possibly need in a dessert and in a drink. The base spirit is vodka, to which you add some white crème de cacao. Finish it off with a splash of orange liqueur. It has a truffle-like taste and is best served with a single chocolate drop at the bottom of the glass.

For something a little more filling, you could opt for a Dorda Café. Dorda is fabulous chocolate liqueur. Add a measure of Chopin Vodka produced by the famous Polish chocolatier. Pop in some chilled espresso, and you have happy hour fused with afternoon coffee.